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Seasonal Tips

Early Spring is approaching, and regardless if you will have a service provider or you like to do you’re Lawn Care yourself there are some services when done properly can set the pace for you to have a Lawn to brag about.
The first service that you’re lawn “should” receive is a thorough raking at AD Lawn Care & Property Maintenance INC. We do it mechanically with a De-Thatcher. This will remove the majority of the dead matted grass in the lawn that is suffocating the soil and reducing the airflow water & nutrient absorption. Once this is done it is a good time to give you’re lawn a it’s 1ast mowing at about a height of 2″.
Secondly I would suggest having a Lawn Core Aeration service done with an application of Slow Release High Nitrogen Fertilizer. The Aeration will remove plugs of you’re lawn which will later be re-absorbed. This will allow for the soil in the lawn to take in more Air, Water and Fertilizer thus stimulating root growth.

With these 3 services unless you’re lawn has other issues such as winter damage or bare spots that need to be dealt with. You re lawn should be ready for the season.

If you are experiencing winter damage or bare spots it would be good time to over seed by spreading grass seed to the affected area or even over the entire lawn for that matter then covering it lightly with topsoil. This would repair the damaged areas as well as thicken and feed you’re lawn.

Check back time to time for more advice from the AD Lawn Care & Property Maintenance INC.