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Bramptonians Trust AD Lawncare for Their Snow Removal in Brampton

Known for providing excellent lawn care and landscaping services, AD Lawncare & Property Maintenance is also becoming the “go-to” call to make when people need snow removal. Serving “Flower City” since 2004, we understand that people work hard, long hours to make ends meet and don’t have time to take care of their snow removal before or after work. That’s why more and more or your friends and neighbours are choosing to trust their snow removal to AD Lawncare.

AD Lawncare Offers Trouble-free Services

Our winters are long and we get a lot of snow. Snow very seldom comes at convenient times, especially considering so many of us have days filled with work, getting our kids to school, shopping for groceries and essentials, and everyday hassles such as traffic jams. So, what is a typical Bramptonian supposed to do?

Well, when you choose AD Lawncare for your, we take care of the heavy lifting, removing snow whenever it falls or shortly thereafter, whether it is in the early morning, while you are at work, or in the evening. We also do it in the least intrusive way possible, quickly removing snow and doing it with a minimum of noise and disruption.

Snow cleanup during heavy snowfall.

Brampton Gets a Lot of Snow Every Winter. Let AD Lawncare Remove It

The snow starts falling in November and continues to fall through March and into April. Typically, nearly a foot of snow falls every month between November and January (249mm-295mm on average). That’s a LOT of snow, but more importantly, there is a LOT of work to be done.

When you choose AD Lawncare to remove snow from your home, business, or property, you will never have to worry about snow removal, let alone strain your back or twist an ankle getting rid of it. The professionals at AD Lawncare monitor the weather all winter long, and always clear snow from your property in a timely manner after it falls.


We Offer Prompt, Care-free Services

Just imagine: no bundling up in a hat, heavy jacket and awkward boots just to wrestle with the weather and make your sidewalk and driveway safe for you, your family, and your neighbours. You also won’t have to haul your snowblower out of the shed and hope that it is gassed up and ready to go.

Just imagine your evenings spent preparing a nice meal or helping your kids with their homework. Choosing AD Lawncare to take care of your snow removal all winter long allows you to enjoy a higher quality of life. Even when the weather outside is frightful, you can relax and get a full night of sleep, because the worry of clearing snow from your property will be taken care of by us.